My battle with depression + anxiety


Do you ever have days where you just can’t get out of bed? The weight on your shoulders feels too heavy to bare. I’ve had so many days like that. I’ve battled with depression and anxiety for years. Most days I hide it so well. I’d rather put a smile on my face then have to answer anyones questions about whats wrong. There’s not always a reason for feeling sad. I’ve learned ways to fight the bad days. Life is so good & I don’t want to waste any days sad or sleeping my days away. Here are some of the things I’ve started doing to help me get through the hard days.

  1. I truly believe having a grateful heart changes everything. Every time I start feeling down, I pull out my gratitude journal and I start writing everything I’m thankful for and everything good that happened that day, week, year…
  2. Go for a walk, run or hit the gym. Working out can boost your mood so quickly. Its definitely a challenge when you’re feeling depressed but its so worth it in the end.
  3. Get out in nature. I’ll go for a walk or drive to the mountains to hike. Just getting some fresh air & feeling the sun shining on your face is super refreshing & life giving.
  4. Call your best friends & go do some retail therapy or brunch, or watch a funny movie. I know how hard it can be to be around people when you’re feeling depressed or your anxiety is at an all time high, but being around those you love most can boost your mood. Let them remind you how incredibly amazing you are.
  5. Take a bath, put on a face mask, light some candles and love on yourself. You’ve got to invest in yourself before you can invest in anyone or anything else. Its ok to put yourself first and pamper yourself. I’m so guilty of putting everyone before me but I’m learning that its ok to put myself first sometimes.
  6. Eat something else and drink tons of water. Its amazing how food can effect our emotions. It can be easy to binge on pizza & wine when you’re feeling down but that won’t help how you feel. Drink a green smoothie (your skin will thank you) and drinks tons of water. You’ll feel great and love the way you look.
  7. Create something. I don’t consider myself an artist but painting has always been an outlet for me. Its so therapeutic to paint on a fresh canvas & let all of those negative feelings out.
  8. Practice self-compassion and learn to forgive yourself. This has been one of the most challenging things for me but its brought the most freedom to my life.

I know some people may need medications to help and thats totally fine too! There was a time when I was on medications. All of these things have helped me out so much when I’m feeling down. I truly want to be the best version of myself, and continue to grow. I refuse to let depression + anxiety hold me back from living the best life possible.


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