Body confidence + curvy swimsuits





Last year I flew to Thailand to get away from an extremely toxic friendship. Flying across the ocean was one of the best things I could have done for my heart.The last few days of our trip we went to these gorgeous Islands & I got the courage to post a pic of me in a swimsuit on one of the beaches. I’m definitely not a size 2 and I never have been, so posting that picture was hard but also very liberating. In that moment I felt so much freedom, joy & love for myself. I almost didn’t post that picture because I kept thinking about all of the other bloggers that had posted pictures on that beach & how different I look compared to them. I have this love/hate relationship with social media. I love that i’ve met some of my best friends online & how i’m constantly inspired by people all over the world. Then there are the days when I can’t top comparing myself to all of the amazing bloggers I come across. I’ve learned to get inspired & challenged in the best way from all of the amazing girls i’ve met online instead of comparing to everyone else. Body confidence is something that everyone struggles with at times. Focusing on the parts of you that you love instead of what you wish you could change is very liberating.

I love that there are brands like Asos, Aerie & Swimsuits for all that cater to all body types. There are also the cutest coverups for those days when you’re feeling less confident or maybe skipped the smoothie & had tacos for lunch. Don’t let little insecurities stop you from going to that beach, rocking that swimsuit & embracing who you are.

What i’m wearing//

Floral Swimsuit Lace Duster Scallop bikini top Scallop bikini bottom Sunflower Swimsuit



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