Everyday essentials with Amazon


If you’re anything like me then Amazon prime is your bff & you’re placing at least one order a week. That two day shipping is everything when you realize you’re almost out of cat food or you need to change the air filter in your house but you have no time to run to the store. I order anything and everything off amazon so I was so excited when they asked me to partner with them and have my very own “store”

CLICK HERE to check out my store

I’ll constantly update my page with items i’m currently using, what i’m obsessing over and items from my wishlist.



You can shop my favorite everyday beauty products. I’m always on the hunt for new products that are organic and good for my overall health.


I’m constantly picking up a new book. I’m usually reading three books at a time. HA! Maybe its my ADD but it depends on my mood which book i’ll pick up that day. I’ll update  my store with books that have inspired me and books I have on my list to read.


If there are any other products you want to see in my amazon store just send me an email and i’ll get them added. Thestylishinvestor@gmail.com

The Stylish Investor + Amazon


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