Fall Color palette


This F/W season you’ll definitely see me wearing a lot of olive, creams and animal prints. I love that animal prints are making a comeback and olive is one of my favorite colors to wear, so i’m excited that its a must have color this season. Luckily I have plenty of animal print in my wardrobe that I can easily accessorize to dress up this jumpsuit. I wore it with heels the first day but I think it could look so good with flats or booties and when the weather starts cooling down you can throw on a leather jacket with it. IMG_0677.JPGIMG_0671.JPGIMG_0672.JPG

I was on the hunt for a comfortable jumpsuit and came across this one. Its so soft and one of those outfits you’ll want to throw on when you’d much rather be wearing sweatpants but you actually have to leave the house and get stuff done. IMG_0673.JPGIMG_0678.JPG

Olive jumpsuit // Sunglasses // Similar bag (mines old) // shoes



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