Clear handbags



IMG_0679 2.JPG


IMG_0680 2.JPGIMG_0683 2.JPG

I was unsure about this clear handbag trend in the beginning because I tend to throw anything and everything into my purse. I caved and bought this $7 bag (the gold handle sold me) and it has forced me to not throw random junk in my bag. I’ve realized the only things I really need while i’m out is some money, chapstick/lipgloss, lotion and a book. I always feel like I need a book on me. Its good to have with me if I decide to stop somewhere and have lunch by myself or stop to get my oiled changed.

Outfit Details:

 Olive oversized t-shirt // Book I’m currently reading // Sunglasses // Leopard booties // Leopard booties // Leopard Booties

Clear bag wooden handle // Clear bag with gold handle // Clear tote


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