How to attend NYFW when you’re a small blogger



Going to New York Fashion Week is every fashion bloggers dream & i’ve been lucky enough to go for several seasons. I’ve received so many questions about NYFW and how I was able to attend with having a small following compared to most bloggers. I’ve made a list of ways to get into shows, events and just how to maximize your time in the city during NYFW. New York is an expensive city to be in so you want to plan in advance for your flight, hotel, food & of course the amazing outfits you plan on rocking.


1. Make sure you go with a best friend & plan on having the best time in New York with them! Make a list of all the restaurants, coffee shops, cafe’s, museums, & shopping you want to hit up during your time. Since you aren’t a major fashion blogger you’ll have time to be a tourist as well 😉

2. This is the perfect week to get creative with your outfits and have fun with everything you wear! Wear the unique outfits you wouldn’t wear on the daily & experiment with the newest trends. There are so many street style photographers waiting to take your photo & capture the seasons hottest trends! This is also the best way to get your photos posted on social media + grow your following.

3. Bring business cards, give anyone and everyone you meet your social media handles & prepare to network like crazy! I’ve sat next to people during fashion shows that worked in PR & that contact was able to get me into future fashion shows/events. You never know who you’ll meet.


4. Put together a media kit! You’ll want to have your stats ready when you start contacting people within the industry. Make it look clean & professional. There are plenty of templates you can use if you google them. I created mine with an app called “Canva”

5. Big time bloggers start planning for NYFW months in advance, so you should too! Start sending emails and DM to connect with different people in the industry. I spent hours online finding emails to different agencies that could get me a seat at a fashion show or my name on a guest list for big events. Every designer wants their shows 100% full so make those connections and let them know how bad you want to see their newest collection!

6. Research new designers that are still small & will be showing their collections. This is the perfect time to start building relationships with them. They’ll love the coverage for their shows and events. If you love their style, let them know and shoot them a message letting them know you’d love to cover their show + blog about it. I’m constantly looking for new designers to connect with, support their business & get inspired by.

7. Connect with other bloggers & try to meet up while you’re in the city. This is a great time to meet other people that inspire you! I’ve met some of my best friends through blogging & am so grateful for those relationships.


Go without any expectations & have fun! You could run into some incredible people, randomly get seated front row during a fashion show, or have the best night ever at a  event.


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