The Library: Rental Clothier








The way to my heart is by giving me a new handbag so I was beyond excited with the Library Okc  let me borrow a couple of bags for NYFW.

One of my intentions for 2019 is to be more intentional with the brands I buy from. Buying or in this case renting used clothing not only saves you money but is environment sustainability.

I tend to buy anything and everything I want when it comes to fashion. The problem with that is i’ll wear something one time and then it sits in my closet forever. At one time i had two bedrooms in my house turned into closets. I love that the Library is a trendy clothing store where I can rent those pieces that I plan to only wear once. I end up saving money & I know that I’m contributing to more eco-friendly fashion.

If you live in the Oklahoma City area you definitely need to check out their store-front. Jessi & Anna are the sweetest humans in the world! Take advantage of having them help you find the perfect outfit for a girls night out, date night, wedding or any other event you have coming up.

If you don’t live nearby then you HAVE to go to their website right now & check out their inventory. They can easily ship you pieces every month! I barely have the time to get into their store so i’m always stalking the inventory on their website. They have four different subscriptions starting at $14 a month. Very affordable & perfect for any lifestyle.



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