Intentional living with Jord watches


I’ve recently became more aware of the amount of time i’ve been spending on social media and decided to be more intentional with my time. As a blogger there can be a lot of pressure to post every detail of my life and I caught myself focusing more on creating curated content instead of enjoying the moment. I’ve started putting my phone down during meals because who actually cares what kind of sushi I eat? It’s been freeing to spend intentional time with those I love instead of being stuck on my phone.


I’m so excited to partner with Jord watches because this stylish timepiece is helping me put my phone down, focus on the moment and still be aware of what time it is without getting distracted by other notifications on my phone.


Jord was so sweet to send me one of their Sier watches in Gold and Sodalite. I’m obsessed with this style because it comes with a leather band and a gold mesh band. The gold mesh band is my absolute favorite style but I love the option to put on the leather band when I want more of a relaxed look.


My advice to anyone feeling a little too attached to their phone is to snag one of Jord’s stylish watches, grab a glass of wine and take advantage if the time you get with your loved ones.

Jord is also giving away $100 towards any of their watches! Click the link below to enter! I’d love to know which watch you’d pick with the $100 gift! Send me a DM on instagram to let me know @misscossey






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