The size-inclusive activewear you need to know about

2019-09-0117.56.54.jpgI’ve been pretty open on my social media about my weight gain & how its made me feel. I decided it was time to actually do something about my weight instead of making excuses.


 It’s so easy for me to pull the “I’m super busy” card. I work multiple jobs & adding “work out” to my to do list just hasn’t been a priority until now. I’ve realized that getting a good workout in is definitely a good stress reliever + I always feel good at the end of the day knowing I’ve been intentional about my health. 


 Getting back into the habit of working out has definitely been baby steps for me. Some days it’s going for a walk around my neighborhood, some mornings a quick yoga session in my living room or hopping on my stationary bike. Baby steps are better than making excuses, right?


 A huge motivator to get me to the gym is cute activewear! That’s not always easy to find when you have a curvier body type. I was so excited when I found out YogaClub carries plus size activewear and even recently extended their sizes to 3X! YogaBox sent me my first subscription box and I loved every piece I received! The constellation leggings are not something i would pick out for myself but they were so fun & i’m excited to wear them! I loved the fun straps on my sports bra + I actually felt like everything was fully supported! The tank they sent me is lightweight and perfect for a good workout. 

2019-09-0117.52.58.jpgThe nice thing about a YogaClub subscription is that you can choose a monthly or quarterly frequency, so you aren’t having to take time out of your schedule to search for cute workout clothes. When you first sign up, you’ll take a style quiz so YogaClub’s stylists can hand-curate an outfit that fits your style preferences + body type. I love the fact that an actual stylist is picking out an outfit for me. I don’t really have the time to search for activewear, let alone plus size workout clothes, so this was the perfect subscription box for me. I also love that my stylist picked out a fun print that I wouldn’t normally pick out for myself. It forces me to get out of my comfort zone a little bit & have a little fun with my yoga wear wardrobe.

2019-09-0117.53.27-2.jpgI highly recommend checking out YogaClub! My first month experience with them has definitely been a 10/10!









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