The Motherhood Collection with Edelweiss Jewelry


Over the summer I connected with Edelweiss Jewelry & started talking to Ryan, the founder about the incredible brand he’s created. It’s hard to come across brands that put so much thought and time into creating amazing quality jewelry. It’s so easy to spend a few dollars on a piece of jewelry that will only last a season, but it’s way more meaningful to take the time to create something that will last a lifetime. I was able to collaborate with Edelweiss Jewelry and make my own collection that has so much meaning to me and I hope you as well. At first I was having fun coming up with a theme and getting inspired by Art Deco styles. After we started creating this collection I found out I was pregnant! Surprise! Obviously this new pregnancy was all I could think about. We decided to create a line thats inspired by birth stones & motherhood. I wanted to stick to the Art Deco theme but make each piece more personal.




A: What inspired you to start Edelweiss Jewelry?
R: Edelweiss Jewelry was born out of a passion to create an online platform to sell high end jewelry. We noticed a few things happening: traditional jewelry sales were down, online discount retailers were popping up everywhere, but people were still dissatisfied and disstrustful of their options when it came to buying jewelry, especially in the case of engagement rings. Seeing first hand what quality means, how much things truly costs, and what a sensible and fair model looks like, it was very clear to us that the leading offerings were not this model and that the customer was getting ripped off and getting a low quality product. So we started with one of those two things: we only know how to make the highest quality product, so if we can compete with these guys our product will far surpass theirs.

A: What challenges have you faced while bringing Edelweiss Jewelry to life?
R: We have built Edelweiss from the ground up with zero outside funding. As a result, every facet of the business is challenging to us because we are not experts in every single field. The main challenge we face is translating the aha moment of receiving a finished Edelweiss masterpiece into an online-only experience that is meant to convey quality, trust and security. We have realized we need to lean on the happiness of our customers to help convey just how unique and special the Edelweiss design and shopping experience can be.

A: What do you think is the most timeless piece of jewelry everyone should own?
R: Everyone should have a great pair of diamond earrings. These can be worn on any occasion, day or night, and fit with many styles


A: What inspires you in your personal life?
R: My wife Caitlin Warthin inspires me. She has a brilliant mind but also is the hardest worker I have ever witnessed. The thoroughness and thought with which she approaches challenges is inspirational and educational.  Caitlin works for Columbia University in the Global Maternal Health department.

A: Do you have any tips on how to get inspired when creating your own custom piece of jewelry?
R: I like to step as far back as possible to pin point something very abstract that you like. For example, what shapes are we thinking about? What colors are we thinking about?  If the client has an answer to either of these two questions, it gives us a nice foundation to build from. I also like to ask the client what is the purpose of the jewelry? What does it represent and how can we make that symbolism fit with a style?  Another common method is to find something on the internet we really like, and then discuss what we would do to it to make it perfect. Often time this provides an even more specific design direction to follow.

A: Whats the most memorable piece you’ve created so far?
R: The Metropolitan Collection is a real stand out. It was one of our first designs, a true team effort, and it is still a huge success.


A: What resources do you use as a business owner that you couldn’t live without? Apps? Websites? Podcast? etc.
R: Medium’s The Startup Blog, Shopify Masters Podcast, Quickbooks for Accounting

A: What has been the most challenging aspect to owning a business? Most rewarding?
R: The most challenging aspect of owning as business has been working on parts of the business that aren’t generating revenue. All work has opportunity cost so there is a constant question about optimizing our efforts. At the end of the day, also, we are a customer-first business, so we spend much of our time tending to customer questions, requests and production jobs. 

A: Where do you hope to see your business in 5 years?
R: In 5 years Edelweiss aims to be a leader in luxury jewelry, with jewelry sales happening through a state of the art digital platform that employs the technologies of the future (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality) to create a purposeful and fun shopping experience.



 The process of creating this collection was so fun and easy. Since I don’t live in New York I emailed back and forth with the company to create the sketches. Once I decided on the final look of each piece, they created a 3D image of the collection that brought it all to life.  I also was inspired by Ryan & his company so I want to share parts of our conversation so you can meet the man behind the brand & hopefully get inspired to create your own timeless piece with Edelweiss.

Each piece can be personalized by your birth stone, your childs birthstone or that special person in your life. I wanted the necklace to be an everyday piece that can be layered or worn alone. The bracelet is also a piece that can be worn alone or stacked with other jewelry + a watch. I decided to make the earrings & ring more of a statement piece. Each piece has so much meaning and thought put into it. This is a timeless collection that you’ll able to wear years down the road and even pass down to your own children. My favorite part is that it can be customized to fit a birthstone & make it that much more personal! You can shop each piece from this collection here & personalize each one with whatever birth stone you want! I’d love to see what your stone looks like in this collection. Shoot me an email or a DM on IG and let me see what your personalized piece looks like from this collection.

Edelweiss Jewelry was so generous to give each of you a discount on your purchase from this collection use code APRILCOSSEY at checkout to get that discount.




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