Mini Getaway- Broken Bow

Thanks to COVID-19 & having a baby Malcolm and I had been at home since March. We can all agree that 2020 has been one emotional month after another and throwing a new baby into the mix was starting to feel like a lot. We were getting antsy and bored being at home but traveling anywhere just felt like it wasn’t an option. I decided to start looking at local places in Oklahoma that would give us a break from the city & give us some good time for self-care.

I started searching for cabins in Oklahoma and came across Hidden Hills Cabin’s. They were perfect for someone like me that craves a luxury space when I travel and a place for Malcolm that’s woodsy and masculine. Of course they’re pretty booked over the summer but I ended up finding two nights available in a cabin that was perfect for us and a baby.

We stayed in the Coles Creek Cabin & it was perfect for our little family. Its a one bedroom, two bathroom cabin with a full size kitchen and dining area. I was in love with the size of the master bath tub but unfortunately didn’t take a bath because we took full advantage of the hot tub. Malcolm thought I was insane for wanting a hot tub in the middle of June but the weather was perfect in the evening for it.

Bedroom shot is from the hidden hills website

The bed was extremely comfortable and felt like home. Thats always important to me when I travel. I’m notorious for spending more money on a nice hotel or Airbnb because I love going “home” at the end of the day and knowing i’m in a clean space & a comfortable bed. That was definitely a must have for me with this getaway being a couple of days of self-care for us.

Lavender and I spent so much time outside napping, reading & dreaming a little about future plans. All of the tree’s definitely made the space feel nice dreamy & relaxing. Malcolm spent most of his days indoors focusing on a little self-care of his own. After we put L to bed at night we would chill in the hot tub and relax. It really was the perfect space for us to getaway and recharge our batteries.

If you’re looking for a relaxing place to getaway I highly recommend checking out Broken Bow. I was very impressed with our stay at Coles Creek & we’ll definitely plan another trip in the future. Our cabin is perfect with a couple or small family. They have so many other cabins on their website that are perfect for larger groups and they all look so dreamy!

Check out Hidden Hills Cabin & take advantage of their gorgeous cabins. Let me know if you book one and where you stay! I’d love to know which cabin we should book next


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