Memphis, Tennessee

We decided to take a long road trip from Oklahoma City to Alma, Georgia so Malcolm’s family could meet Lavender. Driving over 31,000 miles with a newborn was definitely a long drive! We broke the trip up by stopping in a few places along the way. It’s been over a month since we’ve been back and i’m still dreaming about our last Memphis stop!

On the way back from Georgia we ended up staying at the Arrive hotel. We immediately noticed how they were going above and beyond to make sure everything was clean & that we felt comfortable staying there during a pandemic.

They also greeted us with complimentary beer + cookies so we knew it was about to be a good night. Our room was so clean, the decor was perfect and the bed was beyond comfortable. After traveling for 10+ hours that day we were dying to order takeout and relax in a cozy bed. I’m super picky about where I sleep when I’m traveling & the bed at Arrive was top 2 one of the best beds i’ve ever slept in.

We woke up the next morning feel very refreshed but also not ready to get back on the road. I immediately went to talk to the hotel manager about booking a second night. Since the hotel was pretty slow because of Covid I knew it shouldn’t be an issue. When I went downstairs to book another night I grabbed coffee from their little coffee shop & drooled over all of their pastries.

Since we were staying another night we decided to get out of the hotel and explore the area. We were impressed with the way all of the restaurants and public buildings were handing the pandemic so we felt extra safe with an infant.

The Lorraine hotel where MLK was shot was right down the street from us. It was so surreal seeing it in real life. I wish I could find the words to describe how I felt seeing that spot in real life. Im thankful MLK fought so that I could have my little family today. Im hopeful for the change we’ll continue to see as we keep fighting for racial justice.

I highly recommend a mini getaway to Memphis! The Arrive Hotel is the perfect location to stay & there’s some amazing history to explore in the city. Now I’m anxious to stay at another Arrive hotel the next time i’m in Palm Springs or Austin.

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